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Raw Snicker Cookies

snicker cookies


Remember them old Snicker bars you used to have as a teenager? I got them for you, but this version, my raw, vegan, paleo Snicker Cookies are healthy!!

Yesterday I got inspired to turn my Love Being Bars  from the Snack Smarter eBook, (you find the recipe on page 84) into cookies instead. Same recipe, different making.

So I did! Me and Jakob have enjoyed these infront of Dharma & Greg, that old 90’s series everyone used to LOVE. We are going through all of the seasons now in the evenings.


snicker cookies 1

snicker cookies 2

snicker cookies 3

snicker cookies 4



Blueberry Ice Cream

You can never have too much ice cream, no? Yeah me too. I’m crazy about ice cream. Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry …and blueberry.

This time, my ice cream made it to the local paper. Have you been in the paper once, they tend to contact you again and again for your expert help. And I’m glad to inspire and explain how you can make scrumptious ice cream that is healthy, too.

The reporter knew nothing about raw dessert making, and she asked if you can eat as much raw desserts as you want? I explained that if you want to eat something that contains sugar like honey, dates and agave, you need to add some fibre to keep your blood sugar stable. And in this recipe the fibre comes from the blueberries and the lúcuma powder.

I can’t wait to get kids sometimes. I dream of serving them the most scrumptious AND healthy treats. If you eat this ice cream yourself, you get two tablespoons of virgin coconut oil, which is like medicine in it self. Besides giving you energy, it boosts your immune system, fights candida / fungi, is a superb fat for the brain and is good for the intestines.

Ha! I even bet you could use this ice cream as a superb facial.. It’s definitely worth a try, if you can save a couple of teaspoons ;)



If you are a loyal reader to my blog + newsletter you know that I made the Super Creamy Raw Ice Cream With Raspberry Hearts for valentines day. This blueberry ice cream is based on the same principle: soaked cashews, frozen banana and lots of honey. From there you add the flavor of your choice and bam..

You got Guilt Free scrumptious raw ice cream. Use Agave nectar instead of honey and you have vegan-raw ice cream! Make sure to always taste your ice cream batter before you freeze it. With blueberries for example, they need some lime to fully come to live. Blueberry desserts can tend to be a bit dull otherwise.


Guilt Free Blueberry Ice Cream


Serves: About 5-6 ice cream balls. Double the recipe if you want more! (recommended).

Prep time: The banana needs to be frozen for about 1 hour before adding it to the blender. You can eat the ice cream soft served, or deep freeze it over night.

• 1 cup Cashew (soaked for 3 hours)

• 1 cup frozen Blueberries

• 1 cup frozen Bananas

• 0.5 cup Coconut milk (can be substituted to almond or rice milk)
Blend 0.5 cup unsweetened shredded Coconut with a little more than 0.5 cup Water, press through a nut milk bag.

• 1/3 cup Agave nectar or Honey

• 2 tablespoons virgin Coconut oil

• 2.5 tablespoons Lúcuma powder

• 10 drops liquid Stevia vanilla

• 1/4 teaspoon real Vanilla from pod

• A pinch of Himalayan salt

• 2 teaspoons Lime juice

• A handful of cacao nibs, chopped nuts or chocolate.


First add the soaked Cashews + Agave + Coconut milk to the blender and blend for 1 minute.

Then add the rest of the ingredients and blend. Pour in a shallow container and put into the freezer overnight.


Raw Ice cream tips: The Lúcuma helps make the ice cream more smooth, so if you like raw ice cream, invest in a bag of Lúcuma!

I use both Agave and Stevia, since the Agave is needed to make the ice cream more creamy and less ice crystal forming. When you freeze ice cream, some of the flavors and sweetener is lost. Stevia isn’t sensitive to freezing as most ingredients are, flavor wise, so adding some Stevia makes it so that you don’t have to sacrifice the sweetness.

In a hurry? Soft serve the ice cream straight out from the mixer! Decorate with melted chocolate or chopped nuts.



blueberry icecream_2



Todays Reminder




#1) Raise your frequency enough so you don’t pick up on negativity that put you out of balance and feed off your low vibrational emotions.

#2) Do we really -need- more information now? I don’t think so. I think we need to stay in Heart and create from there. Take Action.

#3) Make Peace with any grudges you hold within, to yourself or others. Say “I Forgive you, I’m Sorry and I love you. Thank you.”

#4) Don’t buy into “end of the world” propaganda or war propaganda. Focus on what paradise future you WANT; our best case scenario.

#5) Your body is just a suit, YOU can’t die = fear of death is obsolete.

#6) There is no punishing God, God becomes what you want her to be.

#7) We’re living in a liberated time now. You can choose your reality.

#8) When you strengthen your physical immunity, you strengthen your spiritual immunity.

#9) Anchor into the healing waves of Mother Nature and her elements. It is more needed now than ever before to stand strong in “earth integrity” because of all the artificial technologies being thrown at us.

#10) Unify your inner light + darkness, female + male.

#11) Oneness is diversity in harmony.

#12) Unplug from the drama, from panic, from “survival” – from Matrix.

#13) Mother Nature rules your body, let her heal you; Get off the penicillin, antibiotics / drugs. Heal holistically if you can. Everything is reservable, you can heal “chronic disease” and if you can’t, you can make it into something beautiful that strengthen you.

#14) Our whole life is a Healing journey. Embrace challenges, trauma, pain, suffering because what you resist, persists. What you accept gets healed.

#15) Your Consciousness is the single most important thing you have, why? Because raising your consciousness acts as a shield to things like chemtrails, GMO, fluoride in the water etc. Your Consciousness = your real voice, your truth, your problemsolving, your independent thinking, your questioning. If you live where they spray a lot, just make sure to detox daily (infrared sauna bathing). There’s ALWAYS a solution to any problem, it’s just down to your creativity to find it, but there’s always a way.

#16) You have a tremendous power in being spontaneous. Spontaneous action destroy the fear based programs / structure most people are running on. So does being inventive, humor and creativity.

Super Food Chocolate

crazy chocolate 840px


Yesterday I wanted some raw chocolate, so I spontaneously threw together probably the craziest raw chocolate batch ever.. I wanted to make a healthy piece of chocolate or more like 250 g / 9 Oz of it and started to add all sorts of super food.

I was out on both Agave and my regular liquid Honey, but I happened to have Manuka honey in my kitchen cupboard. I seldom make raw chocolate with honey since the honey takes over with its rustic flavor and it has a tendency to sink to the bottom of your mould. But I gave it a try and the chocolate turned out really nice, my super food chocolate.


crazy chocoalte 840px
These where some of the super foods added, and as you can see I went bananas! I ended up with a 14 ingredients chocolate that vibrated of pure nutrition and good flavor.

If you are missing one or two of these super foods, you can go without. If you for example don’t have Barley grass powder, add a little extra Maca or Lúcuma. Just make sure to taste your batter before you pour the finished chocolate into the moulds.

Dashed line 600px


Here comes a list of all the super foods used in this chocolate and as you will see you will get a powerhouse of nutrients enjoying this chocolate. The super food content comes from my best-selling Snack Smarter eBook. 


Barley grass powder

Barley grass is similar to wheat grass but it is easier to digest. Barley grass has many nutritional and health benefits. Young barley leaves contain all the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and detoxifying compounds, proteins and enzymes.

Barley grass has 30 times as much vitamin B1 as in cow milk, 3.3 times as much vitamin C, and 6.5 times as much carotene as in spinach, 11 times the amount of calcium in cow milk, nearly five times the iron content of spinach and seven times the vitamin C in oranges.

Taste: Greenish, sweet. Usage: Add to water, juice, your green drink or smoothie. Dosage: 0.5 ­ 1 tablespoon in a smoothie or green drink.
White space 70 px


Raw Cacao comes as powder, butter, nibs, in liquid form and as whole beans with or without “skin”. There is a big difference between raw Cacao and roasted Cacao, both in taste, smell, consistency and nutrition. Raw Cacao is lighter in color, has a more complex taste and smell. Raw Cacao has all of the health boosting nutrients intact to work in your body. One spoonful of raw Cacao contains over 25 000 antioxidants, which is 955 ORAC per gram. The caffeine in Raw Cacao is also less stimulating than in roasted Cacao or coffee. Raw Cacao contains over 300 phytochemicals. Some of them release serotonin that makes you euphoric, “PFA” is known to make us happy, focused and positive. Another component in raw Cacao is “MAOs” that has an anti­aging effect plus is an antidepressant.

Taste: Bitter with multiple layers of earthy, sour flavors. Usage: In smoothies, cookies, pies, fillings, candy, raw chocolate, puddings. Dosage: Teaspoons to tablespoons depending on your liking.
White space 70 px

Coconut oil

Cold pressed Coconut oil (”virgin”) is extracted from coconuts. Contains about 50% lauric acid that kills fungus, bacteria and viruses and also strengthen the immune system. It’s in other words an effective treatment for candida. Breast milk is the only other natural source that contains such a high concentration of lauric acid, which could explain the drastic decrease

of infections of all types in breast­fed babies among numerous other health benefits.

Taste: Mild coconut, but with a more intense aroma of coconut. Usage: In the raw food kitchen, Coconut oil is used to harden pie fillings, ice creams, puddings etc and to add volume and create a creamy texture and a lovely coconut flavour and aroma. Dosage: For health benefits, 2 tablespoons a day. For baking, any amount.
White space 70 px


Is a powder from a nutritious Andean fruit. The unique maple syrup­fruity taste of Lúcuma will lift your raw desserts to higher levels. In South America the Lúcuma flavored ice cream is more popular than chocolate or vanilla flavored ice creams! Lúcuma makes your fillings and smoothies more creamy. It contains fibre, lipides, calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium and vitamin C.

Taste: Fruity maple syrup. A mild sweetening effect. Perfect for when you don’t want it too sweet. Usage and Dosage: Add Lúcuma to any dessert, chocolate, smoothie. It works wonders in raw ice cream as it binds the ingredients together making your ice cream more creamy. Use a couple of teaspoons or tablespoons if you like. For Lúcuma fudge, use cups.
White space 70 px

Manuka honey

In a remote part of New Zealand grows the Manuka tree with it’s white flowers. The honey that has been collected by bees pollinating the Manuka trees is something extra. The Maoris knew this and used the honey for a wide array of health problems, such as colds, inflammations, burns, insect bites and wounds. Manuka honey is believed to be the honey with the highest amount of UMF (a measurement of antibacterial effect). Modern science shows that small amounts of Manuca honey can kill streptococcus bacterias quickly. It provides protection against 80 different bacterias, it has a powerful effect against the MRSA bacteria (multi resistant bacterias found at hospitals).

Taste: A natural rustic vanilla flavor in itself. Usage and dosage: In tea or just as it is. Dosage: 1 to 4 teaspoons daily. Use as a remedy to aid a sore throat, boost your immune system or to enhance your wellbeing.White space 70 px


Maca is a Peruvian herb and root vegetable. Dried maca root is rich in alkaloidal, minerals, and nutrients such as essential minerals (selenium, calcium, magnesium, and iron), fatty acids and 19 amino acids, as well as polysaccharides. Maca can improve our immune system, increase brain capability, and improves our bodily functions such as the sex drive. Andeans have been using maca root to increase their energy, to alleviate physical and mental tiredness, and to improve their daily intake with various nutrients. In addition, it can also help us get rid the problems caused by aging, and can prevent and cure osteoporosis and anaemia. It also regulates women’s hormonal irregularities: menstruation, eases period pains, alleviates menopausal symptoms.

Taste: Maca has a piquant taste which has a resemblance to molasses and malt. Usage: In any raw dessert or smoothie. Try it in raw chocolate! Dosage: In a smoothie, 0.5 teaspoons and increase the dosage after time to 1 to 2 tablespoons a day.
White space 70 px

Purple Corn

The purple corn powder from South America is rich in unusual antioxidants. Purple corn is regarded as a nutritious powerhouse because of its phenolic content, that are an interesting nutritional group missing from the typical modern diet. It encourages connective tissue regeneration, and promote blood flow and reduce cholesterol. It also promotes collagen

formation (great looking skin), improve microcirculation and help protect blood vessels from oxidative damage. Studies have shown that the consumption of foods with polyphenolic compounds is associated with reduced risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Purple corn also has a role in the prevention of obesity, hypoglycemia, and diabetes.

Taste: A mild sweetness. Usage: In smoothies, and any raw dessert to enhance creaminess and add a mild sweetness. You can use purple corn as a substitute for nut flour. Dosage: In a smoothie, a couple of teaspoons to a tablespoon. More for baking.
White space 70 px

Sunflower lecitin

Sunflowerlecitin is made from the fat from sunflower seeds. It contains a high level of choline, which breaks up cholesterol in the body and it is vital for the proper functioning of the brain. Unlike soy lecithin, sunflower lecithin is 100% raw! Sunflower lecithin is useful in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels as part of a low cholesterol diet and is also a rich source of phosphatidylcholine for the prevention of gallstones. The high levels of choline are necessary for healthy liver and brain function. It works as food for the good bacterias in your gut and breaks down plaque in the blood vessels.

Taste: Neutral. Usage: Works as a thickener and is used to create a creamy texture to your fillings, creams and puddings. Is the secret ingredient to great raw chocolate, as it adds crispness and gloss to the chocolate. It requires some processing to fully incorporate with the other ingredients. Dosage: Small quantities, 1⁄4 ­ 0.5 teaspoon for 250 g chocolate. For a pie filling you only need a teaspoon.
White space 70 px


Contains no sugar, even so it is 10­30 times sweeter than cane sugar. That makes it the sweetest natural substance in the world. The sweet flavor comes from different types of glucose that isn’t absorbed by the body. Stevia is free from carbs and calories, and with a GI of 0 (!). It doesn’t affect the insulin levels, which makes it suitable for people with diabetes and candida. Just like Xylitol, Stevia will not fuel the bacteria that causes tooth decay.

Taste: Green stevia (the natural, unrefined kind) has a special aftertaste. The liquid stevia is better tasting. Usage: Stevia don’t have the richness of Agave, Yacon and Maple syrup, however if you combine Stevia with the rich types of sweeteners you will get the best of two worlds. For frozen treats, Stevia is the number one sweetener as other raw sweeteners get their sweet taste reduced when they are frozen. Some people like to add a little Stevia to a recipe and then add a little less of the sweetener called for in the recipe. This way you don’t need to use that much Agave or Yacon syrup. This is also the best way to hide the special taste of Stevia.

purple corn image 840


Crazy Super Food Chocolate, 250 g.


• 200 g (7 Oz) Cacao butter

• 2 teaspoons Manuka honey, or liquid honey

• 0.5 teaspoon sunflower Lecithin (optional)

• 15 drops liquid Stevia

• 1 pinch of Himalayan salt

• 1/4 teaspoon Vanilla from pod

• 1 teaspoon Barley grass powder

• 3 tablespoons raw Cacao powder

• 1 tablespoon Carob

• 2 tablespoon Lúcuma

• 2 teaspoons virgin Coconut oil

• 3 tablespoon Purple corn

• 3 teaspoons Maca

Slowly melt the Cacao butter in a water bath or in your dehydrator oven. Add the Manuka honey in during the melting process since it will take some time for the honey to melt. Use liquid honey or raw Agave nectar for easier blending.

When the Cacaobutter and Honey has melted, add the other ingredients and stir.

Pour into moulds and refrigerate!
Much Love!
/Karolina Eleonóra


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Super Quick Chia Pudding

quick chiapudding


During summertime we want to eat simple and quick meals that doesn’t require hours in the kitchen.

Salads are amazing but sometimes you want something even quicker and more filling. That’s when chia pudding comes in handy.

You whip it up in minutes to be enjoyed once thickened into a pudding.

You can vary your chia pudding in many different ways from a base of your favorite milk + chia seeds, and from there add fresh fruits and berries or in this case raw cacao powder and passion fruit.

your ing


add to date milk


chia stir


Quick Chia Pudding

For breakfast, lunch, snack or dessert.

• 2 cups Milk (nut, rice, cow)

• 4 tablespoons Chia seeds

• 5 Dates medium size

• 2 tablespoons Cacao powder

• 1/8 teaspoons Vanilla powder

Blend the Milk + Dates + Cacao + Vanilla until smooth. Add Chia seeds, stir and allow to swell for 15 minutes. Add raspberries, nuts or passionfruit.


Karolina Eleonóra


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Having a bad day? Try this HEALTHY chocolate mousse.

chokladmos_2_840 px


You know what bad days I’m talking about, don’t you? Those days where everything goes wrong, your hair is a mess, the fridge is empty and you want to call in sick and crawl back into bed again.

Well, this whip-up-in-minutes healthy chocolate mousse is exactly what you need, my friend.

And the best thing? Not only is it rich and decadent, it is also HEALTHY. So you don’t need to feel guilty for enjoying some chocolate all by yourself.


Why is this chocolate mousse healthy?


#1 It has virgin Coconut oil in it.

Cold pressed Coconut oil (”virgin”) is extracted from coconuts. Contains about 50% lauric acid that kills fungus, bacteria and viruses and also strengthen the immune system. It’s in other words an effective treatment for candida. Breast milk is the only other natural source that contains such a high concentration of lauric acid, which could explain the drastic decrease of infections of all types in breast-fed babies among numerous other health benefits.


# 2 It has raw Cacao powder in it.

Raw Cacao has all of the health boosting nutrients intact to work in your body. One spoonful of raw Cacao contains over 25 000 antioxidants, which is 955 ORAC per gram. The caffeine in Raw Cacao is also less stimulating than in roasted Cacao or coffee. Raw Cacao contains over 300 phytochemicals. Some of them release serotonin that makes you euphoric, “PFA” is known to make us happy, focused and positive. Another component in raw Cacao is “MAOs” that has an anti­aging effect plus is an antidepressant.


# 3 It has Dates in it.

Contain calcium, sulfur, iron, potassium, phosphorous, manganese, copper and magnesium which are all beneficial for health. Dates have high levels of soluble fiber, which is essential in promoting healthy intestines.


chokladmos 840px


I’m having a bad day Chocolate Mousse


• 1 cup Dates, soaked

• 4 tablespoons virgin Coconut oil

• 2 pinches Himalayan salt

• 1/8 teaspoon Vanilla from pod

• 3 tablespoons raw Cacao powder

• 4 tablespoons Water

Soak the Dates for 5 minutes. Rinse and add all of the ingredients to a food processor and process until smooth. Enjoy with some fresh raspberries on top!

Karolina Eleonóra


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Barkarö 800px

Say after me: “One day I will expand beyond my past limitations. I will express Divinity in a way never expressed before. I will become a tool of God’s pure will. I will heal all wounds within my body and systems and in doing so, I heal others. In doing this Big Work I change not only my reality, but the reality of others. My existence serves a purpose not accessible to my conscious mind, since I don’t see the wide panorama of life. I will bow and stay humble before the so called problems in my life, for they are my most precious teachers that upgrade me to level amazing and put me in Training that enables me to do this Big Work. Nothing can stop this process from happening, since it is a Universal Law that progress must happen.”


I love you

Karolina Eleonóra


What are you worth?



I’m clearing so many blocks tonight. Forgiving people, situations, disappointments and myself. And I’m doing some major breakthroughs!

Because it all comes down to one thing.

Your worth.

If you don’t believe you are worthy, your life will reflect that and prove you right. When you are willing to start to acknowledge your worth, amazing things will happen.

Only you can do this Big Work.

Only you can chose to open up and embody your worth.

Until you do, life won’t treat you as nice as it could do, as you deserve.

Write a list of your old grudges and go through them one by one saying:

“I forgive you, I’m sorry and I love you. Thank you”.

I repeat this about 10 times for every grudge until I feel how the “conflict” there is neutralized. Often I get this deep, spontaneous sigh. Aaahhh….

Also forgive and let go of old stagnated beliefs about who you are, what you are capable of and your worth. Maybe some kid in school said something super mean to you that shaped your self-image? Maybe you had an accident and blamed yourself? Maybe someone cheated on you and you secretly hate that person or his / her gender? Maybe YOU cheated on someone and keep torturing yourself?

Either way. Stop it now.

Forgive and move on. Don’t carry burdens like that. We are supposed to walk through life with Ease.


Much love,
Karolina Eleonóra



Create The Culture Of You

dont ever wanna grow up
Somewhere around 30 I let my gard down.

I’m not really sure why I had it there. To protect myself I suppose.

Anyways, the gard actually fell off by itself and there I was.

The previous controlled person became more childlike, spontaneous, relaxed and free. More me.

Suddenly I couldn’t care less what others thought of me. How I appeared to them.

Suddenly I let out all my inner freakiness shamelessly, to fully enjoy my life and enjoy my energy.

Life is a journey that unfolds with every step you take. Question is, do you pave your own way forward, or do you follow others? Every moment there is a step to be taken. A step that takes you closer to who you are, or further away.

It hasen’t been easy in any way to wrestle a personality that deep within don’t give a s*** what is considered “normal”. I will have to blame it on my North Node in Leo..

As an adolescent I honestly believed that my job was to put a lid on myself to not intimidate others, because I noticed that I did. I kept a low profile but it only created an inner pressure that ended up into panik attacks. There was also no one around me that could mirror me. Everyone was so…. normal. Normal in the sense of having an un-developed character is one thing. Normal in the sense of being well balanced is another. Some people that are considered “normal” are actually hiding their individuality, they hold back their inner light.

the culture of you 800px

This is what I wrote in Snack Smarter 2013, and this message has already grown into a 2.0 version. Listen to this:


Being a rebel is something huge for me, something you will see in this ebook as a constant reminder and my personal ”religion” if you will. The rebel is in all of us. It’s the part of you that becomes uncomfortable for anyone clinging on to the norm. It is what is left when the lies have fallen off. The energy of the rebel detoxes mental, spiritual and social toxins.


If I could tweak this message, I’d say that it’s not so much about being a rebel, than it is being you. And well if being YOU means you are a rebel in others eyes, than so be it.

As I wrote in a previous post, about the illusions of archetypes, tapping into an archetype will only bring you further away from your true individuality and create unnecessary drama in your life. The quest is to peel back any layer that you withhold that is in the way for the Core You.

• Releasing blocks..

• Get educated in astrology.. You especially need to know your AC your North Node, Chiron and your house and planet positions.

• Get grounded (staying away from iPads, “smart”phones, computers and spend the majority of your time outdoors in nature).

• Detox from heavy metals using infrared sauna. Heavy metals can give you symptoms that appears to be a part of your personality, when in fact it couldn’t be further from the truth.

• Take regular Access Consciousness Bars sessions and read Being You Changing The World.


Your personality is your greatest asset, your best resource. Make sure you let yourself shine.


13 Snack Smarter

[The Snack Smarter eBook, page 13. What it is like growing up in a timid Swedish community in the 80’s. ]



Space Clearing


space-clearing 700px

Gosh… I’m such a space clearing junkie.

I mean I do it all the time!  ..Space clearing that is.

I get into those feng shui frenzies and bulldoze my way forward leaving a perfect zen:ed space behind me. I find that the energies in my life has a tendency to stagnate.

This time I had tackled our store room two stairs down.. And my eyes landed on some binders standing there in a corner looking awfully guilty.

When I flickered through the documents in them, I found 10 yr old bills, rents, job contracts, payday specs, old insurance letters and that sort of jazz.. A weak part of me felt secure stocking on those documents. Jakob who is more of a hard core type, in most regards… could not believe I had saved all those papers. I think it’s me trying to earn some Good Girl Points some how. Super silly..

We decided to burn them as a little space clearing rite. I brought with me my white sage and metal singing bowl *hippie prop* and we went down to the beach.

After the fire was on and the first couple of paper stacks was placed on top I felt elated.. Right then and there I would have wanted a flamethrower or at least a proper bonfire so I could fully stretch my eager to burn paper. Actually any paper would due since that old part of me, the Good Girl turned into a Bad Ass Fire Feeder Girl.

So yeah.. I highly recommend creating a little burning ritual by the beach. You never know if there’s a Bad Ass Fire Feeder Girl hiding inside of you..


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